As places of employment that have switched to remote work during the pandemic are considering transitioning to being back in the office, many workers are reporting increasing feelings of anxiety about the prospect. Here are a few tips that will hopefully make the transition easier. First, ask your company if you can transition slowly. This may be a hybrid of remote days and in-office days, or days spent part in-office and part at home. A gradual increase in the time spent in the office may help you feel less overwhelmed. Second, be clear about your comfort level with your co-workers. For example, it is fine to say, “I am still more comfortable with social distancing” or “I still prefer to wear a mask.” Finally, start to prepare yourself for going back to the workplace by doing things such as getting back to your usual sleep schedule, wearing your work clothes when working remotely, and starting to plan meals, such as lunches. The more you can get back into the mindset of going into the office, the easier it will be to transition. Remember, it is normal to have feelings of anxiety when something changes. Most of us have felt anxious during the many twists and turns that the Covid-19 pandemic has taken us on.

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