Depression Treatment

Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Just Watching Life From The Sidelines?

Does it seem like you’re never going to be happy or have the life you want, no matter what you do? Do you want to settle down, but you don’t think you’ve accomplished enough to do so? Are you tired of dating and having no luck in relationships? Or do you worry that your partner is going to get fed up and leave you?

Maybe you struggle with low self-esteem. While other people your age are coupling up, getting job promotions, and living their best life, you probably feel like you’re watching life from the sidelines. It’s not that your life is terrible—it’s just empty. As much as you try to grin and bear it and drag yourself from one day to the next, there are times you want to just collapse and cry.

The people around you may not realize how sad you are. It’s like you’re going through life as an actor—hiding your misery so that no one knows how you feel. You may ask yourself: Is there anyone out there who’s willing to listen and can really understand?

Depression Will Try To Convince You That Nothing In Life Is Worth It

When you’re dealing with depression, you may feel like life just isn’t any fun anymore. Perhaps you’re tired and distracted all the time, never fully present in what you’re doing. Hanging out with friends brings no enjoyment. Your hobbies no longer interest you. As much as you want to level up at work, a lack of motivation holds you back. And although you desire to eat right, work out, and get enough sleep, none of it seems to matter. A little voice in your head says: Nothing will ever work out, so why bother?

What’s more, perhaps you worry that you’re not interesting or attractive enough to find a partner. You may feel like a third wheel with your friends—they’re all dating and getting married and you’re the odd one out. Or maybe you’re in a relationship, but it isn’t fulfilling anymore and you’re worried that your partner will get tired of you and leave.

You may tell yourself: If only I could find someone who loves me or get in a better relationship, then I’d be happy. And while relationships are certainly a soothing balm for sadness and loneliness, they do not magically erase depression. Depression treatment with Life Catalyst Therapy & Coaching is a chance to look beyond the surface and learn new skills for overcoming your symptoms.

Many People Feel Like There’s No Use Trying To Overcome Their Sadness

Everyone has times when it feels impossible to have the life they want. No matter how hard they try, things just never seem to work out. As a result, many people feel like they should stop trying altogether and accept life the way it is. Depression often looks exactly like that—a resignation to pain and sadness, an acceptance of a future with no silver lining.

What’s more, most people with depression struggle to find someone who understands them. Other people may say “What do you have to be depressed about?” or “You’re not depressed, you’re just lazy.” This invalidation of their feelings only adds to their misery. Because our culture has such a poor understanding of how depression works, depressed people often feel profoundly lonely and alienated.

Our Society Makes It Hard For People To Admit They Struggle With Depression

We live in a very individualistic society that tells people to work through their problems alone. As a result, talking to a counselor is often seen as a sign of weakness. Family members may tell their loved ones that only “really sick” people need to seek counseling. Little wonder, then, that so many people are afraid to come forward about their struggles.

Despite what you may have heard, there is strength in vulnerability. Admitting that you need help takes courage. After all, it is only by getting support from others that we can become stronger. Here at Life Catalyst Therapy & Coaching, our goal is to provide you with a clearer perspective on depression and help you learn how to treat it in everyday life.

Depression Treatment Is A Chance To Break Free From All-Or-Nothing Thoughts

One of the hallmarks of depression is “all-or-nothing” thinking. When you do something wrong, you may think you’re a failure. When you get rejected, you may believe that you’re unlovable. Every situation is seen in the most extreme terms possible, as if it’s the end of the world.

We want to help you detach from all-or-nothing thoughts and learn to actively challenge them. You are not your worst thoughts when you’re depressed. Therapy is a chance to realize this truth for yourself. By gaining a more objective perspective, we are confident that you can break the negative habits that hold you back from a healthier life.

What To Expect In Sessions

At the moment, you may feel like you don’t have the motivation to work through depression. That’s okay. One of our goals is to help you accept your lack of motivation and learn to take action based on the things that are important to you. Rather than act based on how you feel, we want you to act based on your needs and values. By continually doing right in spite of your depressed instincts, you can eventually regain the motivation you need.

In this way, depression therapy is very practical and solution-focused. Changing your behavior can change the way you feel. For instance, if you tell yourself that no one likes you and repeatedly deny yourself chances to talk with people, you’ll only reinforce the message that you’re unlikeable. To truly change this narrative, you have to look beyond your willingness and take a more action-based approach.

Tailoring Your Treatment Plan

While counseling looks different for each client, we may draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you change negative thought patterns. CBT looks at the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. By reframing harmful thoughts, you can break out of the negative behavioral patterns that keep you feeling stuck.

Additionally, we want to help you work through relationship issues contributing to your depression. If you’ve been single for a long time, you may tell yourself that a romantic relationship would solve your issues. In counseling, we will help you focus on working through depression so that you are content with yourself before seeking a relationship. Conversely, if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and you find that it’s making your depressed, we will help you identify what relational patterns have been making your symptoms worse.

Through gaining a clearer, more objective perspective, you can begin to see beyond the barriers of depression. No matter how bleak things may seem, we are confident that we can help you develop the skills to work toward the life you want.

You May Have Some Concerns About Depression Treatment…


How do I know depression therapy will help?

If you’re playing baseball and don’t have a coach, you won’t have anyone to tell you if you’re swinging the bat wrong. Working on your mental health is similar. No matter how intelligent you are, relying on your own insight limits you to one perspective. Besides, if you’ve been feeling unhappy for a long time, it’s unlikely that what you’re currently doing is working. Counseling is a chance to try something new and see your situation in a different light.

Therapy is too expensive.

Being frugal is great. But counseling is a short-term investment with long-term rewards, giving you skills and resources to use for years to come. By seeking help sooner rather than later, you’re giving yourself a chance to improve your mental health and enjoy the life you’ve been missing.

I don’t like talking about my feelings.

Therapy is not just sitting around talking about your feelings. It’s about understanding how certain patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behavior keep you locked in unhealthy habits. What’s more, we take a future-focused, skills-based approach—instead of dwelling on your depression 24/7, we want to focus on the behaviors that give you joy and fulfillment.

Let Us Help You Regain The Energy And Motivation To Work Through Depression

With our support, we believe that you can find relief from your symptoms and renew your love of life. To connect with us, you can call our office manager or book your first appointment through the online scheduling portal.