Why can’t I just get going? Tips to increase your motivation

It can be very frustrating knowing what helps you feel good but not feeling motivated to take action. This often leaves us feeling down and guilty, perpetuating the cycle of negative self-talk that impacts our mood and lack of motivation. However did you know stress also decreases chemicals in the brain that help motivate us? No wonder it is so difficult to get moving to do the things we need to in order to feel good when there are a lot of factors making it difficult. But the good news is we can actually build motivation! By identifying an attainable goal or developing a small plan and achieving this goal/plan, feel good chemicals are released in the brain. This can assist in following through the next time. So what can you do? Remember where you are at. Set up a plan that will not be too difficult to follow through with. Maybe instead of attempting to achieve all 30+ items on your check list for the day your goal is to complete only 3-4 items off your checklist. Be realistic with yourself. When you achieve these items and you have a sense of accomplishment allow yourself to enjoy the feel good chemicals released. And remember if you did not achieve or follow through with the plan, reassess and instead of beating yourself up (because we know those bad feelings aren’t helping) BE KIND to YOURSELF.

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