Nutrition Services

Does figuring out what to eat feel like a challenge? Do you dread the question, “What’s for dinner?”  Maybe your family has people with different dietary needs? Maybe you have tried to get your eating under control only to fail time after time?


It seems like the media is always coming out with new information about the “healthiest way to eat.” Unfortunately, this information changes so often it can feel confusing and even overwhelming. Are you sick of fad diets and fad healthy eating plans? Our registered dietitian can help cut through the hype and work with you to create a customized eating plan that you can stick with. Don’t deprive yourself or cut out entire food groups. You have most likely experienced that this does not work! Learn new ways to relate to food with strategies such as intuitive eating, changing your mind-set, and challenging your unhealthy thoughts about food. Make meal planning easier with hacks that fit into your lifestyle. Find ways balance and enhance nutrition so you feel healthier. Don’t wait. Call today to set up a consultation.


What is a Registered Dietitian?

A dietitian, often also referred to as a “nutritionist”, specializes in nutrition, food practices, eating habits, and treating various disease states though food. A nutrition professional should have the following credentials after their name: RD (Registered Dietitian) or RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist). These credentials indicate that the person not only completed coursework from an accredited program (this is a nutritionist), but also has fulfilled specific dietetic internship hours, passed a national accrediting exam, and engages in continuing education.

What does a Registered Dietitian Do?

Dietitians provide evidence-based and scientific nutrition information to help individuals succeed in making lasting food changes. Meeting with a dietitian can clarify and decrease overwhelm around the overabundance of nutrition information we see every day. Dietitians also focus on changing both eating behaviors and thoughts around food. This can help prevent, treat, and manage various disease states related to nutrition.

Many dietitians specialize in different populations and disease states, just like a doctor would. Our dietitian has an extensive background in supporting general nutrition issues as well as specializing in mental health issues and their effects on an individuals’ eating habits.

Ways our dietitian can help you:

  • Adjusting eating schedules and food choices to maximize nutrition intake
  • Getting started with meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prepping
  • Increasing certain foods and/or food groups to provide specific nutrients to help with mental or physical health diagnoses
  • Identifying quick and easy meals to prepare when feeling depressed
  • Providing information on common diets to support informed food decisions
  • Recognizing when food is used as an emotional coping skill and finding more appropriate alternatives
  • Implementing strategies to consume enough food when feeling anxious or stressed
  • Creating action plans to navigate life challenges that arise when working on nutrition goals
  • Working through food exposures when having social anxiety, food fears, and/or obsessions around food contamination/germs
  • Challenging negative food thoughts (ex: If I eat this, then I can’t eat the rest of the day) that prevent optimal nutrition

Let Us Help You Met Your Nutritional Goals for Lasting Change!

If you’re tired of trying the latest weight-loss fad or just confused about what healthy eating actually means, our registered dietitian would be honored to help you create a customized eating plan for you or your family.  To begin the  journey of healthy eating, call our practice manager or send us a message to request an appointment.