Caregivers do not have an easy time of it. Many caregivers I know who work with the elderly have to learn to watch out for themselves as much as they do the patient they work with. Fatigue and frustration build up and the exhaustion can set in motion physical and mental health problems that make life unmanageable

What is it about being a caregiver for some that makes it so hard to be able to relax once in a while? Often, we know we should be able to unwind a little bit, but stepping away from our father, mother, relative, or friend is next to impossible. It is difficult sometimes to ask for help, but it is vital to do so. If you love this person, you will probably feel guilty at times but realize you must in order to be of any good to yourself or anybody else.

Above all, keep in mind you must relax and recharge your batteries occasionally. Go out to dinner, or stay home with your significant other for a quiet evening at home, or go to the gym for a workout. Get away for a little bit. Caregivers are human also and must be cared for as well.


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